Essentials On Air Duct Cleaning You Should Understand

If your home is equipped with a ducted heating and cooling system, the air ducts have a very huge yet important job to accomplish, whether the HVAC system is running or not. It is the channel through which heated or cooled air is distributed throughout your home and as such, the ductwork is a crucial part of your home that deserves the utmost attention and proper maintenance. One of the most important aspects of ductwork maintenance is air duct cleaning. This is because as whether your HVAC unit is running or not, air ducts will in most cases accumulate dirt, mold growth, dust, debris, and other indoor air contaminants .

Air duct cleaning is the process of getting rid of these contaminants, which if left to build up for long, could impede on your HVAC unit’s performance, energy efficiency, and lifetime. The accumulated mold and other allergens can have an impact on the residents’ especially for people with a history of allergic reactions and respiratory infection. This is because as air flows through their air ducts, some of the pollutants and allergens are carried along with cool, heated, or conditioned air into the living space of the premises, thereby affecting the indoor air quality. In other words, dirty air ducts can be dangerous, which makes it crucial to hire an expert HVAC company for air duct cleaning whenever you notice signs that your ductwork needs cleaning. With this in mind, below are a few essentials on air duct cleaning homeowners should understand.

Mold Assessment

If you have some basic understanding about molds, these are hazardous disease agents that normally thrive in damp environments where ventilation is inadequate. Mold can grow in your homes air ducts, thereby creating a health hazard as the mold spores can be introduced into your living space as heated or conditioned air passes through the ductwork. Mold assessment is a crucial part of duct cleaning, which is done by performing a lab analysis, that’s if you have the necessary equipment and reagents. You can also get a sample and take it to your nearby lab. However, this can be a rather tedious that an expert HVAC technician can easily do for you within a short time.

Check for Debris Buildup &Clogging

Dirt, debris, dust, and other particulate matter may accumulate in your air ducts. To determine if duct cleaning is necessary, you should also check for debris, slime, and clogs. Some venting systems are complex and require professional attendance.

Hire a Professional HVAC Company for Duct Cleaning

As you must have noted, duct cleaning is better left to the professionals as opposed to DIY duct cleaning. This is because homeowners lack the necessary equipment, knowledge, and skills to best do the job without damaging ductwork or injuring themselves.  In case the ductwork needs repairs, experts may advise you appropriately. When you hire an experienced HVAC pro, they’ll, first of all, examine your ductwork and give you an estimate on how much air duct cleaning will cost. This may depend on the extent of clogging and dirt build up, and whether or not there is mold growth is detected.