4 Reasons Air Duct Cleaning Should Be Done By a Pro

The accumulation of household dust, dust mites, bacteria, pet dander, and animal hair in the air ducts come with various health risks as far as indoor air quality is concerned according to EPA. Most respiratory health problems emanate from indoor air pollution when this is happening in your home, caution should be observed when cleaning your air ducts. Most homeowners like doing it themselves and this eventually end up doing them more harm than good. Here are some reasons why you should let professionals handle your air duct cleaning.

1. Duct Cleaning Requires Special Equipment

Regular vacuuming in your house, which picks up dust and pet hair and other contaminants, is barely enough to keep your indoor space free from air pollutants. Needless to say, regular home equipment such as vacuum cleaning machines may not hack the air duct cleaning task. Professional duct cleaning companies have special equipment that gets the job done efficiently, especially for the hard to reach areas such as the air ducts behind your wall.

2. No Damage to Your Ductwork (Experience)

Professional air duct cleaning technicians are specially trained to handle the delicate heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and their insulations without causing any damage. Mishandling of the same will mean inefficiency and regular malfunctions. For instance, a very small gap that can be created while cleaning it yourself would mean minimal efficiency hence a lot of energy wastage that will in return raise your utility bills.

3. Indoor Health and Safety

Safety should be the top priority of each and every homeowner whenever you hire someone to work in your home. As you ensure to keep deadly poisonous substances, in flammables, and dangerous sharp objects away from pets and children; so should you take caution when it comes to air quality they breathe – it should always be clean, fresh, and safe. What could possibly be a better way to make you feel at ease than letting a professional do it for you? Periodic and regular checks on the air filters and venting systems by duct cleaning professionals will ensure that harmful dust mites, mold, and other airborne particles don’t end up re-infecting your kitchen tables or your dining areas. Handling duct cleaning without proper training and equipment can get also get you injured on the job.

4. A Comprehensive Cleaning

Any cleaning of you air ducts should be more than only removing the dust and other particles from the system. Professional duct cleaning companies will go beyond just the extra mile in advising you on better ways to maintain your HVAC system and give longer lasting solutions regarding the air quality in your home. In addition, according to one of the top professional air duct cleaning companies in Denver, your technician should always use human and pet safe chemicals that will kill mold and other harmful fungi in your air ducts and in your HVAC system.

While you may be tempted to try cleaning your ducts yourself by following DIY air duct cleaning tips, you would be far better off to have someone more experienced in handling the delicate duct cleaning process. In return, you will experience improved indoor air quality reduced maintenance costs and low utility bills. Poor indoor air quality increases chances of allergies and asthma attacks. It is always advisable to have your air ducts cleaned by a professional duct cleaning technician once every 3-5 years, even though other factors might call for more regular checkups and cleaning.