4 Quick Air Duct Cleaning Facts and Myths To Know

There is a lot of mystery and misconceptions surrounding the topic of air duct cleaning. There is a lot of emphasis when it comes to the cleaning of our homes, you will realize that the carpets and seats in the house are regularly vacuumed. Just because some parts of the home are not easy to reach, or not visited as often, it does not mean they should be neglected. More attention should also be given to the air safety and quality around the typical home. Just like indoor temperature affects comfort, so does air quality. In addition to this, the quality of indoor air can greatly impact your health, especially if you suffer from seasonal allergies or respiratory health problems. With air quality and venting being the main focus of this article, here are 4 quick air duct cleaning facts and myths you should know of.

Myth #1: Duct Cleaning Has No Impact on Your Health

Fact: The quality of the air we breathe plays a huge role when it comes to our health. Poor quality air can bring about adverse effects when allowed down the respiratory system. Poor quality air is air that contains impurities such as dust, dust mites, bacteria, pet dander, and mold spores. All of these can trigger acute allergic reactions such as asthma, or even bring about the onset of respiratory infections to the young ones. So, this is a false myth, your health is at risk if the air ducts are neglected. Scientific research has shown that there is no amount of mold that can be termed as safe or unsafe. However small the amount of mold in the air ducts, it is bound to grow to levels that can adversely affect your health according to the CDC.

Myth #2: There’s No Need for Expert Air Duct Cleaning

Fact: You will definitely need an expert when it comes to air duct cleaning, especially since some HVAC ducting and venting systems can be rather complex. No matter how long you would take to having your ducts checked, you do need full servicing of the components, including deep duct cleaning. Depending on the location and how often you use your HVAC system, air duct cleaning is recommended once a year to once in three years.

Myth #3: Chemicals Cleaning Is Mandatory

Fact: This is so not true; there is no scientific evidence that air ducts should always be chemically cleaned to get rid of all mold and bacteria. Most chemicals that are deemed effective in the removal of dust and in cleaning metals that would be hazardous to your health. Additionally, some of these cleaning chemicals can be unsafe and unfriendly to residents and pets, especially when used by an unprofessional air duct cleaning service technician. 

Myth #4: Rare Use or Not Using Your System Increases the Longevity

Fact: As much as it may seem logical in a way, an HVAC system that is rarely used or not used at all will more often than not, accumulate more dust and debris over time in the air ducts. when this happens, it attracts problem when the unit is running again, leading to blocked airflow, higher energy costs, increased wear and tear, and a negative impact on the HVAC unit’s lifetime. It is actually recommended that the system is used on a regular basis to blow off some of this dust from your air ducts.

From the above facts and myths, a wise property owner will easily understand the great importance and numerous benefits of air duct cleaning and of hiring a professional duct cleaning company for the same when appropriate.